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Britain’s new energy mix

Chris Case, ‎Bob Underwood, ‎Jesse Zuck Britain Now Generates Twice as Much Electricity From Wind as Coal, And That’s a Big Deal There’s no turning back now. GRANT WILSON & IAIN STAFFELL, THE CONVERSATION 8 JAN 2018 Just six years ago, more than 40 percent of Britain’s electricity was generated …

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Renewable energy

Germany Had So Much Renewable Energy Over Christmas It Had to Pay People to Use It This is the future. JEREMY BERKE, BUSINESS INSIDER 4 JAN 2018 People in Germany essentially got paid to use electricity on Christmas. Electricity prices in the country went negative for many customers – as …

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Three simple step to master new subject ala Feynman

3 Simple Steps to Mastering Any New Subject, According to a Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Learn anything faster using the Feynman Technique. BEC CREW 3 JAN 2018 As we get older, learning something new becomes more complex, tedious, and time-consuming than ever, and those child geniuses who can speak five different …

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हमारा संविधान

तुम जब भी हमारे संविधान का नाम लेते हॊ, संविधान का एक न एक पन्ना कम हो जाता है। तुम जब भी किताब ए अंबेदकरी कॊ थाम लेते हॊ, किताब ए अंबेदकरी का एक पन्ना बेदम हो जाता है।   तेरे मन वचन कर्म में न जाने कैसा जादू है, …

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