Euthyphro in 21st century


Euthyphro in 21st century

(Socrates and Euthyphro in The king’ s i.e Archon’s court)


Socrates: Hey Euthyphro, how come you are here?


Euthyphro: I am here to prosecute my father for a murder.but what are you doing here?


Socrates:  I am also here in connection with a litigation in which I have to answer the charges leveled against me by Anitus and Melitus and company. They have accused me of leading the youths stray and also worshipping foreign Gods.


Euthyphro :so sad.


Socrates: But how could your father murder some one. He is such a nice man.


Euthyphro: Oh, he did not do it knowingly. But a murder is a murder. And it is in the interest of Piety or justice that he be punished.


Socrates: But, I think puniing one’s own father is not right, nor it is pious.


Euthyphro: No, I think, rules of  piety and righteousness are same for one and all. So, even if a father acts in an injudicious manner, he has to be punished by a sun with the help of the court.


Socrates: But what is Piety? What is righteousness? Do you know it. Can you define it.


Euthyphro: yes I know it that which is right and pious is dear to Gods and that which is wrong and impious is abhorrent to Gods.


Socrates: that is fine. But how can you or I know what is dear to the Gods and what is abhorrent to the Gods.


Euthyphro: there are many ways.


Socrates: tell me some of them.


Euthyphro: Well, one is the traditional belief  about right and wrong.


Socrates: go on.


Euthyphro: Other is the looking into holybook.


Socrates: and?


Euthyphro : the consensus of the people around.


Socrates: but all of these are very fond of giving quite contrary and conflicting opinion on almost every issue.


Euthyphro: that is right.


Socrates: then what to do? Think of some other definition for piety and righteousness.


Euthyphro: I cannot think of anything more. You think and tell.


Socrates: What can I do. All the world knows that I know nothing. The thinking and answering has to be done by you. Just put a little stress on your head and you will certainly come out with some better definition  of piety.


Euthyphro: yes, I got it. Just as you mentioned ‘head’ I suddenly recollected that whenever I thought of doing something wrong, some part of my head though feebly tried  to desist me from that.


Socrates: Right. Go ahead.


Euthyphro: When ever I  heeded that feeble voice from a part of my head, I came out of that issue as a happier man. But whenever, I did not heed that; I ended up as a sad person and cut a sorry figure.


Socrates: So, to decide whether some thing is right or wrong in the eyes of God, we should look within.


Euthyphro:  But the problem is that dissenting voice in the head is very feeble, and I often do not feel like heeding this.


Socrates: Is that the case now?


Euthyphro: No, this time the voice was quite strong which said that I must prosecute my father.


Socrates: I see. Is that voice negative as well as positive as the case and issue may demand.


Euthyphro: Yes.


Socrates: But in my case case, it is only negative. It only says me ‘what not to do’ it never says me ‘ what to do.


Euthyphro: It means that the Gods within you are not strong enough.


Socrates: Yes. It may be the case. After all. I have grown old. Now, it is time for me to go to the court. But,  I would like to caution you that you should not tell any one that you look for Gods’ within.


Euthyphro: but why?


Socrates: fool, they will try also for the same thing as they are doing in my case.


Euthyphro: Well, I will heed your outside advice also.


Socrates: yes, you should. I do not wish that youths should also meet the fate of a old person like me.


Euthyphro: thatnks, Socrates. I must say that you may not know your self anything. But you certainly help others in knowing all kind of things. Before talking to you I did not have such a clear Idea of Sacred and profane or right or wrong.


Socrates: yes, but do you think that believing in Gods outside is of no avail and use less?


Euthyphro: No, believing in Gods outside is also Good. They punish the wrong doing in the same life.


Socrates: It means if you donot heed the Gods within, Gods without will punish you.


Euthyphro: Well said. Moreover, the fear of punishment by Gods outside, makes the feeble voices of the Gods within stronger. I have to this realization after talking to you.


Socrates: But now I have developed some doubts about this realization. Do you think that Gods within will always guide you correctly.


Euthyphro: why not?


Socrates: but what if your mind is inebriated  or intoxicated?


Euthyphro: O! I could not think what to do in this case as in such a situation the Gods within may very well fail?


Socrates: So, in the end we are no wiser! We could not arrive at a definition of pious or righteousness.


Euthyphro: This is not my fault. You always do this to all Athenian. You are just keen on wasting the time of others in the name of dialectics and discussion.


Socrates: But what can even I do? If I do not voice my doubts people will carry on with wring belief.


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