four causes, a little skit

causes2Four Cause of Aristotle


A dramatic treatment


( Four little children are seen dancing on a stage. Two of them are girls and two others are boys. One boy is bigger other the smaller. One girl is bigger, the other is smaller. Suddenly, one girl, the bigger one, comes to the ahead and starts dancing and singing)


Bigger girl: Hey, I am the formal cause of the world,

Following me, whole cosmos has unfurled.


Smaller girl: So what, I am the final cause,

Unto me all the things pause.


Bigger boy: But without me nothing can be done,

I’m the material cause, I’m behind all fun.


Smaller boy: So, what without me you are nothing,

I’m efficient cause, I am the king.


( An old man come from the left side of the stage. There is no light on his face. So it cannot be clearly seen.)


The Old man: hey children, what is all this noise about? How can there be four causes for one thing or one event please explain? Suppose this is a table, then tell me in this case which of you are responsible for which feature of this table?


Material Cause: well then listen. I am the material cause, that is I am the wood, the timber, without which there can be no table. So, I am the most important cause.


Efficient cause: hey liar, but who shaped the table in this manner. It is the art of table making and the carpenter. And I am the responsible agent for that. Without me you will languish forever in the wooden condition.


Final Cause: Aha! What sophistry! Why will any one make a table if he has no use for table or if table in itself has no use. So, the final aim is the main thing that makes a thing done or that makes a work done. Without me, you all are naught.


Formal cause: Wholly false. Who and  How and for what purpose and with what material one will make a table, if there is no form or no idea of a table in first place. Without me, the presence of you all three is of no use. It is a huge nonsense.


The old man: Peace children, Peace. Now I understand that how you all cooperate with each other to bring any thing or any event in existence.
Now reply to some more of my questions.


All the four causes (in unison): Ask me.


The old man: Suppose, only one of you were in the world or universe now onwards. Then what can be done by you.


(For a moment all the four causes are stunned. But as always, Formal cause, the bigger girl takes the lead)


Formal Cause: Well, there will be no difference to me at all. I will continue deliberating upon the forms of fundamental things and also on the things that can be derived from them and still remain no less fundamental.


The old man : so you will be developing new and newer philosophies as and when required.


Formal cause: no, not as and when required. Philosophy does not believe in doing things at eleventh hour. I will be developing philosophies on my own pace and much earlier than it is needed. May be useless at the time when I develop them.


Final Cause: I will also continue my work. I will go in deliberating upon the aims and objectives of each and every thing in the cosmos. I will also be musing on the kind of things that may come in existence in future and deliberate on their best possible use.


The old man: So you will  work with a view to create true happiness for all human being.


Final Cause: No, I will do this with a view to create happiness for each and everything. I will continue giving appropriate ethics to all human being for the benefit and happiness of all living and nonliving.


Old man: hey! what do you mean by happiness to non living.


Final Cause: The happiness of non living consists in efforts of all human beings to preserve them. They may be non living in themselves, but they are always home to innumerable life forms.


Material cause: I will be there always. Even without any thing else evolution is my general nature. And I will continue my evolution, irrespective of any use made of me by any one. I will be always present for any one to do any experiment on me


The old man: This means you will help science and scientists. You will give birth to science in civilizations which experiment with matter and respect materialism.


Material Cause: yes. And I will also help those who make use of me for the welfare of all the living and non-living because in any case I am the only thing that is indestructible.


The old man: you mean to say that your  are permanent as well as changing.


Material cause: You are true, however paradoxical it may sound.


Efficient Cause: I will also do my work. Even otherwise, I am always busy. I will continue experimenting with matter and try to give it all kind of form and purpose.


The old man: It means you will be making new and newer thing for the benefit of all.


Efficient cause: Not benefit, sir. For the happiness of each an all.


The old man: This means you will be giving greater and greater heights to experimental sciences.


Efficient cause: yes, because that is the material basis for happiness.


The old man: So, in a way you four taken together give answer to some of the most basic questions of humanity; namely: (1) what (2) How (3) Why and also (4) which or who are behind any thing or event.


All the four children: Yes sir.


The old man: there is one more thing. In case all of you work together, you can give rise to new and newer technology. Like you all came together and made a table. You should know that in a very old and distant language Sanskrit the word for the work/art of a carpenter is Takshna. This word is cognate with Technae.


All the four chidren: We promise henceforth that we will all be together if any one wishes so, for the happiness of each and all.


( again from the left side of the stage more older man comes in, suddenly there is light on the faces of both the old men and every one recognizes that the earlier old man was Aristotle and the later one is Plato, the Master of the master of all who know.)


The Older man: hey old man, well done. A great improvement on my one and only cause. The form. The idea. It was truly said by one of my Indian counterpart that a teacher is a teacher only if his disciple leaves him behind. This way, today you have made me a teacher indeed, not only in words.


The old man: It is all due to your teachings.


(The end)





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