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Creating a commonwealth: a new approach

Creating commonwealth : a new approach Scene I ( In a room, I am sitting a little perplexed and 2 of my bosom friends,Anurag and Irfan enter the room and ask what happened, why so woebegone?) I: Dear friend, I have been given a great responsibility, and I donot know hoe to go about this. Anurag: Share the problem with us, we will try to resolve this. Irafan: yes, by talking amongst ourselves, we can certainly come up with some ideas that will help you. I: In fact, I have been assigned a project by the UNO to bring an entire habitation out of the extreme poverty. The people in that locality have been living in extreme poverty through many generations. I have been given considerable resources also. But, I am unable to decide the starting point, point from where I should take off. Anurag: see, you cannot solve all the problems in their lives, moreover, something has to be left to be done by them also. Irfan: No, but at least three of their basic problems must be solve. Anurag: which three, please? Irfan: well, they may be toilets and drinking water, nutrition, health centre. Myself: what, they will …

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Reclaiming the common space

Reclaiming the common space I st example (On the cross road, four women are seen standing. One harassed woman is coming with her daughter, daughter’ ankles are bleeding)   The first woman: hey sister, what happened, why your daughters ankle is bleeding? The harassed woman:she was playing on the road, a motorcyclist hit her and sped away. the second woman: but why was she playing on the road? what happened to the wee litttle park by the side of your home. The harassed woman: the wee little park has been turned by some persons in the big car park. The third woman: how come, how is it possible? The harassed woman: I donot know. they say that a common park has now become a common car park. Forth woman: we can have this discussion later, first let us take this girl to some doctor. (All agree.They do to the doctor and they get the girl’s bleeding ankles bandaged. now they are on the road again). First woman: Noew the girl is at ease. Now we have to think as to how to reclaim that common space and convert that bog car park in the wee little park as it once …

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four causes, a little skit

Four Cause of Aristotle   A dramatic treatment   ( Four little children are seen dancing on a stage. Two of them are girls and two others are boys. One boy is bigger other the smaller. One girl is bigger, the other is smaller. Suddenly, one girl, the bigger one, comes to the ahead and starts dancing and singing)   Bigger girl: Hey, I am the formal cause of the world, Following me, whole cosmos has unfurled.   Smaller girl: So what, I am the final cause, Unto me all the things pause.   Bigger boy: But without me nothing can be done, I’m the material cause, I’m behind all fun.   Smaller boy: So, what without me you are nothing, I’m efficient cause, I am the king.   ( An old man come from the left side of the stage. There is no light on his face. So it cannot be clearly seen.)   The Old man: hey children, what is all this noise about? How can there be four causes for one thing or one event please explain? Suppose this is a table, then tell me in this case which of you are responsible for which feature of …

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Donot be afraid of death

Do not be afraid of death (seen by me in dream) (On a high way two persons are seen walking. One is humming something and the other is curious about what is he humming. The humming person is Charvak and the curious one is Epicurus)   Epicurus: hey, sir, what are you humming so sweetly, what is its meaning?   Charvak: It is my couplet in Sanskrit. Its meaning is ‘live happily till there is life. For no one is outside the gaze of the Death.   Epicurus: by god, this is what I also say. That one should not fear death and that from every other thing there may be some security, but as far as death is concerned we live in city without walls.   Charvak: So nice. At least, there is some one person who thinks like me. There in my country every one was against this doctrine of mine. They started by burning my books and ended by burning myself. So there is no use in myself telling something about my own philosophy as there are no takers for my philosophy. So, you tell me something about your own philosophy.   Epicurus: Though in my sect …

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Euthyphro in 21st century

  Euthyphro in 21st century (Socrates and Euthyphro in The king’ s i.e Archon’s court)   Socrates: Hey Euthyphro, how come you are here?   Euthyphro: I am here to prosecute my father for a murder.but what are you doing here?   Socrates:  I am also here in connection with a litigation in which I have to answer the charges leveled against me by Anitus and Melitus and company. They have accused me of leading the youths stray and also worshipping foreign Gods.   Euthyphro :so sad.   Socrates: But how could your father murder some one. He is such a nice man.   Euthyphro: Oh, he did not do it knowingly. But a murder is a murder. And it is in the interest of Piety or justice that he be punished.   Socrates: But, I think puniing one’s own father is not right, nor it is pious.   Euthyphro: No, I think, rules of  piety and righteousness are same for one and all. So, even if a father acts in an injudicious manner, he has to be punished by a sun with the help of the court.   Socrates: But what is Piety? What is righteousness? Do you know …

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