मासिक आर्काइव: August 2016

Creating a commonwealth: a new approach

Creating commonwealth : a new approach Scene I ( In a room, I am sitting a little perplexed and 2 of my bosom friends,Anurag and Irfan enter the room and ask what happened, why so woebegone?) I: Dear friend, I have been given a great responsibility, and I donot know hoe to go about this. Anurag: Share the problem with us, we will try to resolve this. Irafan: yes, by talking amongst ourselves, we can certainly come up with some ideas that will help you. I: In fact, I have been assigned a project by the UNO to bring an entire habitation out of the extreme poverty. The people in that locality have been living in extreme poverty through many generations. I have been given considerable resources also. But, I am unable to decide the starting point, point from where I should take off. Anurag: see, you cannot solve all the problems in their lives, moreover, something has to be left to be done by them also. Irfan: No, but at least three of their basic problems must be solve. Anurag: which three, please? Irfan: well, they may be toilets and drinking water, nutrition, health centre. Myself: what, they will …

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